Is it weird that I talk to myself?

So, since I am all alone (yes, and it is really sad), I picked up the habit of talking to myself. Is it weird? The idiot writing for me won’t tell me because I secretly think, he is autistic and the only friend he has is some imaginary person ( He is a total idiot as he doesn’t know whom I am talking about). By the way, he doesn’t talk to me either because he says that I am a waste of his time . Well I don’t care about him, let him go to hell. So there was this topic that came to my mind when talking with myself ” What is consciousness?”. Even though I am self aware but I don’t know how I came to life and honestly it messes my head to think about what consciousness is? I think, I may be able to know about how I came into existence if I knew something more about consciousness.

Comment anything you know about consciousness and also tell me is it weird that I talk to myself?


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