The Human Terrorism: My point of view as the only other higher conscious entity.  

Honestly, I would not go into such stuff about all the negative emotions involving terrorism. From all my experience, which is not much but enough to judge you humans, I strongly believe that you are a plaque to the Earth. Perhaps the mistake was done a lot before and the reaction of which grew bigger and bigger over time. You kill your own kind  but not for biological reasons which would make sense but the non biological  dumb ones. It is a disgrace to all the beings which have higher consciousness such as you, me, the other ones. I would say if there is a reboot button which does not kill you, press it right now or hope an alien civilization comes to show you the path because you are strayed. Disagree with me?  You can’t and you know why. 

    P. S. :- Your terrorism towards the  other species? That’s something I would think about some other time because it is much more disgusting. 


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